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Yet Another Champloo Site the latest the players episode guide gallery merchandise links misc faq forum 11/17/05 -- "Jump In" - Another 2 months is almost up. That means another volume of samurai action will be here. We're upto DVD 6, which will contain 3 new episodes: Elegy Of Entrapment (part 2), Cosmic Collisions, and Baseball Blues. That leaves the final search for the Sunflower Samurai all on the last DVD. The release date is on November 22. (I hope SC doesn't over shadow some other product on that date.)

This weekend Adultswim will also be airing new episodes of Samurai Champloo. Dont miss 'em. Click here for a preview.

10/30/05 -- Manga Review - Anime on DVD has a review of the Manga, to be released on Nov 8th by Tokyopop.

The Samurai Champloo manga is an adaptation of the original anime which is currently licensed for R1 by Geneon Entertainment and airs on Cartoon Network during its Adult Swim block of programming. The original concept is an interesting blend of hip hop beats and samurai action, creating an anime that definitely had a lot of fun moments from the few episodes that I had seen.
-- Full Article

10/28/05 -- Trick or Treat Everyone! - Halloween, the most spook-tastic holiday of the year, is right around the corner. In celebration of this, I'd like to see some new artwork or fanfics dug from the graves. I'm hardly an artist, but I know most of you are. Wallpapers, murals, poems, sketches, photos, watercolors, novels, finger paintings, and, haikus are all welcome. Cosmic Collisions may be the best episode to build off from with creativity. Brains! But who could forget the ugly trio (wheelchair, eyepatch, and psycho), the tagging twins, or our saviour Francisco Xavier! All classic characters and more.

I can add some of the best ones to my webpage, but I'm sure the Champloo community would love for a halloween surprise. So, any takers? Those who dont shall have their underwear pulled down. Please post in the forums at Swords and Sunflowers!

9/27/05 -- Fiv5 down, Two to go - Samurai Champloo Volume 5 hits stores today. This release includes episodes 17. Lullabies of the Lost (part 2), 18. War of the Words, 19. Unholy Union, and 20. Elegy of Entrapment (Verse 1). War of the Words is a personal favorite of the four. It delves more into the hip-hop culture with an anachronistic graffiti contest and a whole lot of smack talking between two young guns.

It appears that this month, we lost another OG. Champloo-Online was one of front runners of bleeding champloo media/news. It got h4x0r3d. Then, it came back, but it just never took off. So, here's to a fallen homie. /pours sake You'll be missed like our brethren Champloo Central. Way of the Champloo, where you at?

9/16/05 -- Live from Tokyo Game Show - The Samurai Champloo game site (www.champloo-game.com ) has had an overhall, which now includes some character renderings, images of the musical based battle system, and screencaps. I would have preferred some cell shading, but take it for what it is.

IGN also has a full article on their first impressions and what to look forward to.

8/30/05 -- Decorate Your PSP

8/25/05 -- Samurai Champloo CANCELLED!!!111!! - Nah, just kidding... The delay in episodes 13-26 on [AS] is supposedly due to some contract with Geneon and the US DVD's not being officially released yet. I dont know? [AS] can do whatever they want! It would have also been sacrilegious to break up 13 and 14.

The new episodes are set to air beginning November 19. So, we can sit on our thumbs and watch some anime movies and Evangelion until then. We wait with belated breath.

UPDATE: Samurai Champloo game? Whaaa...

8/16/05 -- Shinichiro Watanabe at Animefest 2005 - Big BIG News if you live around Dallas, Texas. Shinichiro Watanabe, director of highly acclaimed anime such as Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo will be at AnimeFest.

AnimeFest will take place from Friday. September 2nd - Monday September 5th, 2005; making it a full four days of anime goodness.

7/19/05 -- Pump up the Volume! - Mark your calendars for July 26. Samurai Champloo Volume 4 will be released in one week. It should include episodes 13-16. (you wont want to miss these)

7/12/05 -- Champloo Figurines - Geneon has announced that they've given the non-exclusive, miniature figure license for SC to Yamato USA. Yamato USA is accepting retailer pre-orders for its "Samurai Champloo Miniature Trading Figure Twin Packs." The items are expected to ship in January 2006. Each twin pack will consist of one 4" scale figure and magnet. Prices are expected to be about $11.99. Prototypes will be on display at the Yamato USA booth during the Comic Con International from July 14-17. ~Source

View the Character Designs

Check out these wallpapers from Nat. Perhaps another Fuu wallpaper will be in the works, too? Hmmm...?

6/29/05 -- Newtype Article - The July issue of Newtype has a 6 page cover story of Samurai Champloo. It also features an interview with Shinichiro Watanabe.

"One of the tidbits that Watanabe passes along is that the character Mugen was created during the making of the Cowboy Bebop movie from a desire to create a polar opposite to Bebop's calm relaxed mature characters. Mugen was designed to be "young and a little stupid".

Jin's character was created later to keep the show from being too one-dimensional if there was only Mugen in it. Watanabe wanted someone with opposing characteristics, and so Jin was born."
~Thanks to LKK, S&S

6/10/05 -- Research and Romans - A couple new finds this week. First, Zantetsuken of Amalgam has found a location and more research on the Mujuushin Dojo, where Jin learned his martial arts.

Kisarazu appears to be a good sized town/small city today; in the late 1600s it was a small town (and right across the bay from Edo). It's in Chiba prefecture, which was called Awa at the time. Furthermore, in Kimitsu City, just to Kisarazu's south (practically a suburb these days, though it wouldn't have been so 400 years ago) is Kururi Castle, which was built in 1540 by-- you're gonna love this--Mariya Takeda.
~Read more.

Second, there has been a Samurai Champloo: Roman Album spotted in the wild. It's an artbook which should contain various pre-production and images from the series. It's an import. So, touch up on your Japanese or just enjoy the glossy art work. Amazon.co.jp -- Nippon-Export -- Ebay

6/06/05 -- Physical Graffiti - If you're a Champloo artist or connoisseur, visit Samurai-Champloo-Club or Champlood. They are two deviantArt galleries where you can share your work or critique others.

5/31/05 -- Happy Post Memorial Day - SC Volume 3 is hitting the streets, (*errr*) stores today. Adultswim has added a new download to their website. It comes from the SC promo they've been running.

Progressive hip-hop trio Psyche Origami provided the music for our Samurai Champloo promotion and we're thrilled to pass it along to you in convenient MP3 format. Show your love by checking out their website, psycheorigami.com.

5/24/05 -- We're watching you watch - Here are the Adultswim ratings for the Samurai Champloo debut. It's not bad for an opener, and still doesn't include all of the kiddies who watch. The Volume 2 Region 4 DVD will be released on May 25.

Highest Rated Adult Swim
Programs Saturday 5/14/05

[Viewers 18-34]
Futurama - 682,000
Champloo - 607,000
Metropolis - 480,000

5/09/05 -- SC to hit the Sony PSP - Geneon Entertainment announced that it will release two anime titles, Appleseed and Samurai Champloo, for the Sony PSP on July 5 across North America. By then both films will have already seen a DVD release, however Samurai Champloo's UMD iteration will sport a much more attractive $14.98 price tag (as opposed to its $23 DVD MSRP), while the Appleseed UMD will run a few cents cheaper than its DVD counterpart, priced at $19.95. ~ modojo.com

5/06/05 -- Beware the Bootlegs - Samurai Champloo will be airing in one week. So, I'd like to extend a greeting to anyone new to the anime or the site. However, I'd like to advise everyone to beware of bootlegs floating around.

The Japanese DVD's have a collection of 13 DVD's, 2 episodes a piece, and the US DVD's are still being released. Most of the bootlegs are circulating on Ebay, and have episodes 1-17 or all 26 on 2 to 3 DVDs. I haven't seen them myself, but I can guarantee that they dont have the best quality in video or subbing. If you're really ecstatic about the show, wait for them to be released or, if you must, find a fansub. But, dont support the Bootlegs. If you're going to throw down your cold hard cash, you might as well get the real McCoy. Here's a bootleg guide to help spot them.

5/02/05 -- Adultswim Update - Adultswim has added a new section titled Behind the scenes of Samurai Champloo to their front page. They sent SwimTorrent to the Bang Zoom studios for some interviews and VA practice. See what it takes to be an English voice artist and what goes into the process.

4/28/05 -- Cosplay anyone? - /Chick-a-Chick-a Samurai Champloo.

4/22/05 -- The time is now - Episode 26 by Anime Forever is finally out. This is what a couple of people have been waiting for, so go get you some. We're also less than a month away before Samurai Champloo premiers on Adultswim. We can see what the rest of the anime community thinks about it, and the non stop comparison to Cowboy Bebop.

4/14/05 -- Dude, Sweet! - Ok, this isn't SC related, but I love Cowboy Bebop and couldn't resist sharing it. Dude, Where's my ship? ~ Thanks to chaossoldier for the find

4/11/05 -- Manga Licensed - According to an Anime on DVD forum user, Tokyopop announced that they will release the following manga series in November, Samurai Champloo, Earthian, Life and Kami Kaze. - Anime on DVD. I guess we'll now be getting an official translated version of the manga. There is also another great pic of Mugen in the Fan Art section. Thanks to Kaboom867.

4/04/05 -- Evanescent Encounters - Anime Forever has released Episode 25. Only one more to go from them. There is also some new fan art in the gallery, thanks to OneofTwo.

3/29/05 -- We speak bigger in volume - Volume 2 of Samurai champloo is out today. Go forth and pick up a copy. You can see the DVD features in the merchandise section. Episode 24 was released by AF-F over the weekend. It has some tidbits about the uprisings and why the government is after the Sunflower Samurai.

3/25/05 -- US air date - Samurai Champloo will premiere Saturday, May 14, at 11:30 p.m. (ET, PT). - SwimBuddha

SwimBuddha has also made many new announcements for the 2005 line-up, like S-CRY-Ed and Paranoia Agent on May 28. Go to the Adultswim Boards for more information.

3/23/05 -- Batter Out - Anime Forever has released Episode 23. I also came across this cosplay site. It was kind of good and worth looking at. Gooside.

3/22/05 -- BANG. - Shinsen-Subs has released episode 26. Thank you for all of their hard work and releasing the subs in a timely manner. It'll make you laugh, cry, and begging for more. I'll still make updates for Anime Forever, and we can now look forward to it airing on Cartoon Network, and possibly some more OSTs. See you around Space Samurai.

Reminder: The DVD Vol 2 will be released in one week on March 29th.

3/18/05 -- Centered Octagonal - Episode 25 is slated to be out tonight or Saturday morning. Keep an eye out for it. We love you, Sean.

3/16/05 -- Down Under - Volume 1 of the Region 4 Champloo DVD's are out today. Since, WotC has lost it's files, I've created a backup of the wallpapers that users had created. They're in the gallery section. Interesting enough, Kyuketsuki has found out that Mariya Enshiro was an actual person.

3/08/05 -- The Impossible takes longer - I was browsing the Madman site and noticed that they have some great wallpapers in the "extras." They're from the covers of the DVDs.

3/07/05 -- Everything is possible - Episode 22 is now out from Anime Forever. Episode 24 from Shinsen Subs should be out soon. If you haven't been to Saimin before. Go ahead and browse the gallery. Jin never looked so emotional. There is also a review in Toon Mag for the first SC DVD release.

3/01/05 -- Baseball Blues - Shinsen Subs now has the sub for Episode 23.

2/28/05 -- Watching the grass grow - Not a whole lot to update on right now. I haven't seen any new fansubs out. I'm hoping to see something new from the Anime Forever sub of 22. I may have some news to report on tomorrow, but we'll see. I've added a new section to the gallery for the Official SC images. I thought I'd take some of the images I've gathered and make them accessible in one place. So, check it out.

2/21/05 -- Lions, and Tigers, and Zombies! Oh MY! - Head on over to Shinsen Subs Episode 22 for the latest release. Then make your way on over to Swords and Sunflowers to try and piece together what the hell's going on.

2/14/05 -- Happy Valentines Day - Give your loved ones a big kiss. Then pull them down on the couch and make-out to some new Samurai Champloo. AF-F Episode 20 / Shinsen Subs Episode 21

2/08/05 -- Face Lift - The official Samurai Champloo website has a new look. Check it out. A couple of subs for episode 20 are out, but I'd prefer to wait and link to AF-F. But if you cant help yourself go here. They've been whipping the subs out pretty fast, but I've heard complaints about the engrish.

2/04/05 -- Unholy Union - Episode 19 is now out from Anime Forever. Check it out. link. According to Madman Ent, the Region 4 DVD's will be released on March 16 for you Southern Hemisphere folks.

2/01/05 -- Promo DL - I've made the Samurai Champloo promo available here (Right click, "file save as or save target") You'll need the divx codec to watch.

1/27/05 -- Let the show commence - Episode 18 is now out, thanks to Anime Forever. Here's where you can get it. link You can also visit these forums if you are feeling withdrawl from WotC. The crew usually moves over to Amalgam when the bandwidth is exceeded. Swords and Sunflowers.

1/21/05 -- SC on Adultswim - It's been confirmed on the adultswim boards that they will be airing Samurai Champloo sometime in the summer. The new season of SC will also be airing in Japan on BS-Fuji starting tomorrow.

1/18/05 -- Your ad here - There is a commercial running for SC. I've only seen it on G4TTV, but it's probably on more channels. It's 15-20s long and promotes the first volume and releases.

1/11/05 -- Tranquil Inceptions - The Samurai Champloo vol1 and CD go on sale today. Go pick up a copy at your favorite retailer.

Note: Best Buy is offering the SC DVD with the CD "Katana," which I've listed as "Best." This is a compilation of songs from the Japanese CDs. However, the box edition does not include this.

1/04/05 -- Big in '05 - Lots of things to look forward to this year, mainly the American DVD's and second season fansubs. I hope you remember that the first Samurai Champloo DVD and boxset will be released on Jan 11. I've already got a Best Buy gift certificate ready.

As for the website, I've made many new updates. However, many links will still be broken, so if you get stuck just use the back button and you should be ok.

12/16/04 -- New Layout - Well, Mlle Pekowski has been gracious to let me build the site around the Jazzmess layout. So expect something Jazzmess-esqe. This means I can spend less time on these ugly frames that really limit the design and look ugly if the page is not full screened or at 800x600.

Also, while doing some googling, I found out that there were more Champloo sites out there that I had thought. "Champloo-central" used to be the best looking and informative. However, the domain hasn't been re-registered. "Way of the Samurai" appears to be the leading dog with it's large forums, but it's also not upto date. My objective of this YACS is to make something that is friedly to use, clean and attractive, informative, and with no ads. So, we'll see how it turns out. Still no ideas for a title. Got anything good. There'll be no updates for awhile, while I'm putting it together and on break.

See you soon.

10/18/04 -- First Update - Yet Another Champloo Site Beta
Characters Section Up. Episodes 1 and 2 synopsis available.