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[ katana ]
FORCE OF NATURE | Tsutchie | fat jon | Nujabes
Release Date: January 11, 2005
Released By: Geneon Entertainment
CD SRP: $14.98 - 70 Minutes

Check it out...whaddya get by fusing the turbulent era of ancient feudal Japan with a dose of hip-hoppin' vibe? None other than the infectiously cool and inventive anime, 'Samurai Champloo' that features a fresh, down tempo soundtrack that grooves like no ones business and packs a stack of well-produced, chilled-out beats mixed in smooth house styling. With the code of the samurai and the independent attitude of hip-hop, 'Samurai Champloo Original Soundtrack' has all the down tempo coolness you may ever need in an anime soundtrack. Features music by artists Fat Jon, Nujabes, Force of Nature, Tsutchie, and more, including the fly intro theme, "battlecry," the ending theme, "song of the seasons" by MINMI, and "You" by Kazami.

- Full-color insert booklet with lyrics and song titles translated into English, as well as romanized lyrics

01. battlecry | Nujabes ft. Shing02
02. ole | fat jon
03. raw material | Tsutchie
04. genome | fat jon
05. dry | Tsutchie
06. death wish | FORCE OF NATURE
07. vagrancy | FORCE OF NATURE
08. sneak chamber | FORCE OF NATURE
09. YOU ft. kazami | Tsutchie
10. tubed[drum please!!!] | Tsutchie
11. pretending to... | Tsutchie
12. night out | fat jon
13. tsurugi no mai | Nujabes
14. world without words | Nujabes
15. silver morning | Nujabes
16. 624 part1 | fat jon
17. Shiki no Uta | MINMI