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Webster's defines an anachronism as something which does not fit in with its context chronologically. Got it. Good! Find every Samurai Champloo anachronism in full detail here, and dont forget to check out Swords and Sunflowers.

Saimin: link
A fansite with fluid professional drawings. Jin is the main attraction of the site for all you fan girls. You wont be displeased.

Champloo France: link
Votre référence sur Samurai Champloo de Shinichiro Watanabe. Ha, Just Kidding! The site is bilingual, so click the English tab and get some more Samurai Champloo culture.

Samurai Champloo Club: link
A Deviant Art gallery devoted to Samurai Champloo with some excellent work.

Champloo*ism: link
Be a Ronin, or just live like one. An homage of artwork and champloo music.

Champloo-Fan: link
A new fansite to keep up to date with your Samurai Champloo obsession.

Official Samurai Champloo: link
Official Fuu's Blog: link
Bandai Champloo Game: link

Madman SC Site link
Official Releases: link
Wikipedia Entry: link

Nujabes: www.hydeout.net
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Minmi: www.minmi.jp
Kazami: www.sonymusic.co.jp