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Mugen -- Age: ~20
Voice Actors: Kazuya Nakai, David Lucas

A stray dog that cant be chained by society. Mugen lives and breathes a ferocious animal. His only true belief is in his own strength. Mugen was raised among the criminals and Edo exciles. His fighting style is a mix of hip-hop and free flowing movement characterized as "champuru-kendo." Nothing enrages him more than taking orders, may it be from fearsome yakuza, governing officials, or friendly monks. Mugen accompanies Fuu and Jin on their journey after losing a bet. There is nothing more deadly that animal without fear.

Fuu -- Age: 15
Voice Actors: Ayako Kawasumi, Kari Wahlgren

Always a bright personality...except when hungry. A turn of fate has led Mugen and Jin to find Fuu working in a tea shop. It has also brought her to follow her dreams and search for "the samurai that smells like sunflowers." Over the past year, her personality has matured. Fuu has the compassion to look out for every person, including her companions. What does her future hold when all is said and done?

Jin -- Age: ~20
Voice Actors: Ginpei Sato, Kirk Thornton

A ronin warrior whose reputation is as mysterious as his glasses. Jin holds all the honor that comes with being a samurai. Jin was the top disciple of the Mujuu Shinken Dojo. He's a man of many words with so little to say. His skill is graceful and without wasteful movement. Among the trio, Jin carries the levelest head and wisest presence. He reacts to situations rather that acts upon them. During their journey, Jin's past catches up with him, but he never strays the path. He faces his destiny head on, accepting his fate as it catches up.