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04/12/08 -- Mugen Hobby Figures

Hobby Figures has announced that they will be introducing an amazing line up of cold cast Samurai Champloo figurines. The first prototype in this series will be this highly detailed statue of Mugen. The figurine will feature some magnets around the arms and legs to avoid any damage when assembling the statue. The final display stand will include a fully embossed vinyl record design, similar to the ones in the show. This statue will be limited to 2000 pieces worldwide. Read the details and enjoy more photos.

Scale : 1/8
Character : Mugen
License : Samurai Champloo
Material : Cold Cast
Sculptor : Takahashi Tsuyoshi (Ichigo no Eiga Ippai no Sake)
Prototype painting : Yamashita Tooru
Size: 14.5cm height
Length : 26cm
Release Date : 06/21/2008
Japanese Price : 12800 yens (~128 USD)

11/29/06 -- Hip Hop your Holiday
There are a number of gifts this season for your favorite anime, Samurai Champloo. The first and most exciting on the list are the new figurines from Jazwares. Each figurine is 7" tall and comes with a number of interchangeable items. You can find a full review with in depth images at Amalgam. From Yamato USA, you can find the Samurai Champloo twin packs. Each pack comes with a 4" mini figurine and bust magnet.

Shopping around, you can also find some cool clothing and accessories at retailers and Amazon.com

It seems like the Roman Album has been pushed back (again) to Jan 31. However, you can get the 2007 calendar, now! These items and collectibles could be the perfect stocking stuffer.

07/27/06 -- Afros and Birthdays
If you loved Samurai Champloo, you'll definitely want to look out for Afro Samurai. It will feature the voice talents of Samuel L. Jackson as the lead hero, Afro, and music by the RZA, of the Wu-Tang Clan. Keep your eyes peeled and check out the artwork. ---Official Webpage ---.

Also, swing on over to Amalgam and wish them a Happy 2 Year Birthday. Everyone is invited. They have cake and presents all week long, and dont forget to sing them the birthday song.

05/29/06 -- Wow! How'd I miss this?
Pedro Mendes of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation recently held an interview with Shinichiro Watanabe about Samurai Champloo and hip hop. You can download and listen to it here.

Some topics they discuss are: Watanabe's fascination with hip hop and the underground sound, how hip hop differs in Japan, the expression of hip hop, Mugen's drowning scene, and is there more Samurai Champloo on the way?

04/03/06 -- Dark Horse to distribute Roman Album
Dark Horse is planning to release the Samurai Champloo Roman Album in October. It will be distributed through both the direct market and bookstore channels. If you didn't buy the Japanese book off of ebay, now you have no excuse to pick it up.
~ ICv2

I've made some changes to the gallery and the way the images are displayed. I think it gives the images a little more *pop*. It looks best in Firefox, but the majority of you are IE users. Hopefully, IE7 will add some better support for CSS and AJAX code. There's more changes and updates on the way. Big Big Truck has made a new wallpaper of Mugen's dream sequence. Freshen up that dusty old background you've got.

03/25/06 -- Sidetracked Game Screens
IGN has posted nine new screens from Grasshopper Manufacturer’s Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked. As previously reported, the game released in Japan in December, and will see a state-side release on April 11th. The official website for the game includes more screens and information.

Thanks to Graham for heads up.

02/16/06 -- 'Cowboy Bebop' director Watanabe talks anime
If you're bummed, because you missed one of the few American appearances by Shinichiro Watanabe, check out this article from The Daily Texan

The clash of the sword and the sound of gunfire ricocheting assaulted the senses of those in attendance at the IMAX theater in the Natural Science Museum of Houston Saturday night. Stories of space cowboys and hip-hop samurai fighting a daily battle against mercenaries, assassins and hunger unfolded before on the screen. These are the works of acclaimed Japanese animation director Shinichiro Watanabe.
Read the Full Article

02/06/06 -- Bandai to Release Samurai Champloo Film Manga
Bandai Entertainment Inc., announced it will be releasing a series of Film Manga based on Geneon’s hit anime series Samurai Champloo thru it’s recently formed Manga Division. The first volume will be released in April.

In addition to adapting three episodes of the anime, each Film Manga volume will include exclusive BONUS MATERIAL not found anywhere else. The first volume features an interview with Director Shinichiro Watanabe. ~ Anime News Network

New episodes of Samurai Champloo are now screening on Adultswim's Friday Night Fix. Check your times to see when it airs. Lastly, I'll be making some updates or changes to the website. Images for episodes 24-26 will be updated after they air in the US. They have some major spoilers, and I dont want to blatantly give away the ending. So keep watching and stay tuned.

01/14/06 -- Finish the Collection
Samurai Champloo Volume 7 will be coming out on January 17, wrapping up the DVD releases. This volume will include the final 3 episodes: Evanescent Encounter (part 1,2,&3). Fuu's search for the Sunflower Samurai will come to an end. ShiNN of Animepaper.net has made a stylish Fuu wallpaper. It's similar to the two by Ningen.

Watanabe will also be making another special appearance in Michigan.
"SPECIAL EVENT: FEB 8 AN EVENING WITH SHINICHIRO WATANABE The critically acclaimed animation (anime) director Shinichiro Watanabe will make a very special appearance at the Detroit Film Theatre, sponsored by the Japan Foundation in cooperation with the Consulate General of Japan..."
~ From Anime News Network

01/09/06 -- Shinichiro Watanabe in Houston
"We've now been provided with full details regarding Shinishiro Watanabe's February appearance in Houston. On Saturday, February 11, from 6:30 pm to 9pm Watanabe will present a lecture entitled "An Inside Look into the World of Anime." The lecture will be presented in Japanese with an English translation. After the lecture Watanabe will sign autographs. The lecture will be presented at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and sponsored by the Japanese Consulate-General of Houston. Tickets will cost $5 to $7."
~Anime News Network

The Samurai Champloo game looks to have a Japanese release date of Feb 23, 2006. The website includes new character designs and screencaps. A game soundtrack will also be release on March 1, 2006.

12/20/05 -- Farewell to '05 - Once again, Adultswim will be revamping the Action line-up. This means that new episodes of Samurai Champloo will tentatively be moving to Wednesday nights, and no more Champloo until next year. (Geez, what are we in Japan here)

Anyhoo, I've updated the gallery to include screen caps of episodes 21-23. One of my favorite episodes, Lullabies of the Lost (part 2), aired this week. It marks a turning point for Mugen, Jin, and Fuu as they travel together. It also has a moving ending song called "YOU," which is sung by Kazami. I put a download of it in the "misc/download" section. If I dont see you again this year, have a Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

11/25/05 -- Volume 6 + Metal Tin - Rumors had been floating that Geneon would be releasing a metal case with Volume 6, but it seemed like a listing error, since a Limited Collectors Box had already been released with the first DVD. Now, thanks to lotus seed of Swords and Sunflowers, we have proof of this. This awesome DVD comes in a limited collector's edition tin case and features episodes 21-23 of Samurai Champloo! It only fits the one DVD, and Hot Topic appears to be the only store promoting this item. Check out your local stores or pick up this rare item online.

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